Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

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Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

Post by Doc67 »

Just wondering if anyone on here has 'flu or even a confirmed case of Covid-19. Do you know anyone who has either?

I am just wondering because if we are going to get a major outbreak here, (as foretold by many members on various threads here) it really ought to have started by now.

Please, no third or fourth party tales, this thread is not posted to create a rumour factory.

It has to be you, or someone you know personally...
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Re: Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

Post by fazur »

watch the cartoon channel, it has more relevance
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Re: Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

Post by Anchor Moy »

I have smokers' cough from time to time, and I keep thinking that i might be locked up at the airport if I start to cough at the wrong time. :smokin:
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Re: Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

Post by Cricket99 »

I have 3 co workers who have had or still have the flu or a cold. One was sick for 9 days, got better on Sunday. One was sick for 3 days, today was feeling mostly better. The 3rd has been sick since Tuesday. None of them are sure if it was the flu or a cold, but their symptoms sound awfully like the flu.
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Re: Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

Post by sigmoid »

Yeah, and I'm dead already... posting from beyond the grave... :rave:
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Phnom Poon
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Re: Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

Post by Phnom Poon »

there will be no COVID-19 in cambodia

would you pay a month's salary for a test?
what happens if you 'fail'?


monstra mihi bona!
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Re: Has anyone got Covid 19 or the 'flu?

Post by Alex »

If you have a cold and don't want to be scolded for staying at home instead of schlepping yourself to work, now is the perfect time.
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