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Re: Gout

Post by pczz »

Yerg wrote: Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:33 am
pczz wrote: Sat Feb 22, 2020 3:39 am Sadly my friend has it rather badly and has found nothing that works except abstinence and real medication. My undertsanding is that gout is caused by excess uric acid and the triggers can include food but not necesarily, and different food can cause it in different people. Generally bad things include fuit juice and meat, so cherry juice shoud definitley not work, but that is the bugger about GOut, you need to identify your triggers. In my friends case it is alcohole. he eats steak amnd cheese and it has no effect, but a few heavy drinking sessions and he is floored
I was very clear that I didn't vouch for it. It's just hearsay. OP was asking for herbal remedies as opposed to medical remedies, so offered my two pence worth. My friend is a meat eater and a heavy drinker (scotch if I recall correctly), and I think he narrowed it down to the booze. I should have made triggers a little clearer in my original post. (My apologies.) My friend now drinks only cider or beer, stays off the spirits. Cherry juice could be a wild coincidence, and I suppose I should have thought more and been more detailed in my original reply. I wasn't, because your post made me think more about the detail than I originally recalled. My lesson here is learned, and I shall cease and desist from any further medical mumbo-jumbo... :lol:
Sorry Yerg, i was not criticising the suggestion of cherry juice, just pointing out that it should not work according to what is known. it may very possibley work for some people. For example I have IBS. they recomend eating wholemeal bread, but that is one of my triggers. in fact i cannot eat brown bread or anything containing wholemeal at all. So as always with medicine, natural or otherwise, not everything works for everybody, but most thing work for somebody. it is far better to post things that have worked for some people as they can help others
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Re: Gout

Post by chiltern »

cptrelentless wrote: Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:55 am
camborambo wrote: Sat Feb 22, 2020 4:36 am.
After you have to Take allupurinol.
Up until such time as you die of allupurinol poisoning. It takes 15 years off your life. The only real solution to gout is to drink lots of water and avoid dark booze, like beer and red wine. Dry white wine and vodka and soda. Vit C certainly but you piss vit C out within an hour of you taking it, so it's small doses on a long term.
Those are bold statements! Can you direct me to the medical research which concludes that Allopurinol will take fifteen years off your life?
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Re: Gout

Post by yong »

Hi, my name is Yong, I am a gout patient for 11 years. Believe you me, gout cannot be cured once you get it however you can make it come less frequent by:

1. Being careful of what you eat and drink.
2. Avoid animal offal
3. Nuts and beans
4. Some greens are high in uric acid like broccoli and climbers
5. Alcohol is ok but you need to know what alcohol. Beer is the worst followed by alcohol from grapes like brandy and wine. Whiskey is no problem which is why I've taken to drink this.
6. One product that I believe helps me a lot which I am still taking is Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It made my attacks less frequent how I consume is 2-3 soup spoons mixed with 1/3 cup water and down it every morning and if possible evening. Been taking this many years and I swear by it.


Oh when I get any attack I will pop one of each of these

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