Getting stale in Cambodia

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Re: Getting stale in Cambodia

Post by vladimir »

I don't get it, Garry.

Seriously, I find many people's hassles begin with themselves (including me)

Travelling doesn't change you, beer does.
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Re: Getting stale in Cambodia

Post by Barang_doa_slae »

Came here to settle and stay from day one, went through countless can't bear it anymore phases alternated with i love it so much ones too.
Been here 15 years, not even excited to travel back to my mother land anymore.
Intend to be buried here ultimately.
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Re: Getting stale in Cambodia

Post by Garry.Crabtree »

I travel all over the world with my work nowadays but I still get excited when I land in PNP.

To me some places just have a hook which keeps you there. Phnom Penn has that hook but I,m buggered if I know what it is or why.
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Re: Getting stale in Cambodia

Post by phuketrichard »

dagenham wrote:
phuketrichard wrote:Interesting;
after 13 years in Thailand i was bored, ( even though i was traveling alot in SE Asia and Europe) , left for a 15 months back to the states, now been back for 15 years

Asia gets in ur blood
And you're still alive and kickin'! Bravo!
alive and well thakns!!! :bow:
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Re: Getting stale in Cambodia

Post by taabarang »

But some things never changed, I once travelled 25,000 KMs from home to escape myself only to end up in another place going "Oh, fucking you again, you followed me all the way here?"

Yep, as they used to say in the 60's Wherever you go, there you are. But, having said that those with a sensitivity to bad governance might be happier elsewhere.
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