Football Star Steve McManaman' s Visit to Starfish Foundation, Cambodia

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Football Star Steve McManaman' s Visit to Starfish Foundation, Cambodia

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October 4, 2019
Experience in Cambodia was touching, says McManaman
Real Madrid and Liverpool legend Steve McManaman recently visited Cambodian NGO Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF) in Phnom Penh and hailed the organisation for its lifechanging impact on the kingdom’s underprivileged youth .

McManaman, accompanied by his 12-year-old daughter Ella, spent time with visually-impaired children, and those diagnosed with HIV, who are given access to education, healthcare and sport in an effort to lift their communities out of poverty. ISF receive funding from FIFA Foundation’s Community Programme.

“My daughter is old enough now to be able to understand and take it on board,” McManaman told “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to take her. I wanted to show her that life is not just about going to a nice school and getting lots of presents for your birthday and Christmas, and everybody’s happy.

“When she saw these visually-impaired and blind children, kicking a ball around and following the bell in a ball, other kids who have got HIV, and can just about afford the kit and shoes they’ve got and when we saw the places that they sleep – it really did bring it home. I made sure she took videos and pictures to take home and show her younger sister and brother that this is the real world.”

The children that McManaman and his daughter spent time with during their visit are identified and aided by ISF – who receive funding via the FIFA Foundation’s Community Programme – an organisation that, through a multitude of programmes, try to achieve their vision of ‘a society free from poverty and inequality.’

“We take an education for granted in England,” McManaman continued. “You reach a certain age and you go to nursery, secondary school and then potentially off to university.

“We met kids who have no education whatsoever, who just wake up in the morning at a young age and are sent out of the house to scavenge and try to get anything they can to help their parents make ends meet.”

Through ISF’s education, football and community development projects, the organisation is supporting those most in need to try and break the cycle of poverty.

“We went to the [ISF] school, and these people didn’t have anything, yet they were making cards for me and my daughter, it was really touching,” McManaman said. “I come from a very working-class background in Liverpool, when I was younger I didn’t have anything – but me not having anything in that context is nowhere near the same as what I witnessed there. You have to appreciate absolutely everything that you have.” ... mcmanaman/
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Re: Football Star Steve McManaman' s Visit to Starfish Foundation, Cambodia

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How come visits off Global superstars only come out after the EVENT.
Meat pie Sausage Roll come on Rovers score a goal. ... 711967235/
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