Fake $100 Notes

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Joker Poker
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Fake $100 Notes

Post by Joker Poker »

Was at WA the other night and bought a beer with one of the new $100 notes. Unbeknown to me, the person who had just been served before me also paid with a new $100 note, and there was a lot of screening going on. Turns out his note was rejected as a fake. Sphincter clenched, they checked mine, no problem.

Thought it might be worth posting this vid on 8 ways to detect the real thing. Painful narration but useful nonetheless.

Jaap N.
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Re: Fake $100 Notes

Post by Jaap N. »

Very useful indeed, I cleaned my ears after watching the video, haha. Thanks for posting!
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Re: Fake $100 Notes

Post by FreeSocrates! »

Thanks for posting this, it was very helpful.

I know how to check the old bills but never thought to learn how with the new ones.
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Re: Fake $100 Notes

Post by OrangeDragon »

holy crap... did we just get told how to spot counterfeit money by a 9 year old?
Soi Dog
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Re: Fake $100 Notes

Post by Soi Dog »

OrangeDragon wrote:holy crap... did we just get told how to spot counterfeit money by a 9 year old?
I hope the NSA is spying on that kid. Definite counterfitter in the making.
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