Concrete jungle and the vanishing species

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Concrete jungle and the vanishing species

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Come a day, when we buy bottled oxygen, when robotic teachers explain to students what a tree is. GT2/Mark Galvez

Mark David P. Galvez
6th September 2019

Green oases are fast disappearing in the name of concrete development as the city population explodes,..

THE tropics are where we live, with huge and petite trees which have been standing around us for century upon centuries. Ever walked through the streets of Phnom Penh, without umbrella protection? It can really get hot under the collar. Green oases are fast disappearing in the name of concrete development as the city population explodes, leaving behind only rows of trees and shrubbery lining the streets.

In a city of metal and concrete, we have to keep and grow more trees in dedicated parks for the sake of Generation Alpha (born 2013-2030). In some countries like the Philippines, its government has approved in the House and sent to the Senate for action a bill called “Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act”, whereby before graduation, each student must plant 10 trees.

While some municipals actively try to keep green, some nations are numb to the vanishing specie – trees in their own cities. Construction of building upon building, widening roads and establishments popping up everywhere.

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