Chinese Tourist: Treasure for Cambodia’s Tourism

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Chinese Tourist: Treasure for Cambodia’s Tourism

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Pro-Chinese piece from Fresh News. There are some interesting facts and figures, but mostly it's an argument from the government on why they are seeking to attract more Chinese to Cambodia. ( For anyone who doesn't know, Fresh News is government news.)
I particularly like the suggestion that Chinese tourists and Chinese investors are somehow good for the environment. :hattip:

Some of a very long article -
Chinese Tourist: Treasure for Cambodia’s Tourism
18/01/20 08:38
Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 17 – Tourism is a prioritized sector that the world considers "green gold". Tourism sector has made a significant contribution to socio-economic development by creating employment opportunities and increasing income for the people directly and indirectly. In addition, tourism has boosted exports, supported economic growth, and increased national income. Tourism also contributes to poverty reduction, especially mitigating climate change, which is a global challenge.

Cambodia received USD 4.3 million in revenue in 2018 from tourism sector. Cambodia then received more than 6.2 million international tourists. Among those, Chinese tourists ranked the first with a total figure of 1.9 million, accounting for 30 percent.

In 2019, China remained on top of the list among the top 10 countries most visited Cambodia, reaching 2.5 million tourists, followed by Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, France, and United Kingdom.

Two main factors driving the increased number of Chinese tourists to Cambodia annually are cultural and natural tourism, and investment tourism, according to Cambodian Tourism Minister Thong Khon.

“Generally, the good-intention tourists visit Cambodia legally, as they would love to visit Angkor Wat Temple, to seek investments in Phnom Penh, to visit the Royal Palace as well as the National Museum. They also have a new trend, which is eco-tourism. Once they are familiar with the environment, they have contributed to environmental protection. When their money spent on community, the local people will benefit from it then they will work hard to protect the natural resources and culture of their community. We currently see the eco-tourism trend, not only at Angkor Wat, the coastal areas or in Phnom Penh,” stated Minister Thong Khon.

The number of Chinese tourists has not only increased in Cambodia but across the globe and that is because of the large number of Chinese population and their increased income. As predicted, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) estimated that at least 300 million among 1 billion Chinese are able to travel. For instance, in 2019, World Tourism Organization estimate that around 150 million Chinese in 2019.

Cambodia has attracted approximately two million Chinese tourists, out of a total of over 5.2 million international tourists within the 10-month period of 2019 from January to October 2019, an increase of 9.7 percent compared to the same period in 2018. The Tourism Ministry added that about 2.5 million Chinese tourists are expected to visit Cambodia in 2019.

This large figure has helped Cambodia create about 620,000 jobs directly and millions more indirectly. The tourism sector contributed 12.7 percent to Cambodia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018.

Generally, Chinese tourists prefers high quality goods. In line with the World Tourism Policy issued in 2013, every country shall adopt “China Ready” policy to attract more Chinese tourists and this policy covers service from airport to hospitality.

The receptionist must be able to speak Chinese and English and fill in every types of forms other than the native language of each country.

On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, Ambassador Wang Wentian hoped the Chinese tourists visit Cambodia with dignity and respect to the norms and traditions of the host country and hoped that Chinese tourists will to play a role as “Friendly Agent” in order to promote cultural and people-to-people ties between both countries, aimed at creating “Chinese Name Cards”, consisting of mutual dignity and self-esteem, creating “Beautiful Image of China”, speaking on 28 August 2019 at Phnom Penh Airport during a ceremony to release guidelines “Compass for Chinese People to Cambodia” to Chinese tourists.

Ambassador also encouraged more Chinese tourists and investors to visit Cambodia, and pushed them to abide laws, customs, and traditions of the Kingdom of Cambodia in order to become a friendship envoy between China and Cambodia.

The Chinese Embassy also set out a policy to attract 3 million Chinese tourists to Cambodia in 2020. The number of international tourists, all nationalities, and especially Chinese tourists makes the Cambodian people in tourism sector feel delighted.

Yarng Yin, a vendor at Ochheuteal Beach, said she has been selling food and drinks here for 10 years. Her sale has increased due to a huge consumption from the Chinese in Sihanoukville, contributing to her family income. She wishes for more Chinese tourists to the province.

“Our sale increases when the Chinese arrives. The Chinese buy more than Cambodians do,” said Yarng Yin. ... 52-38.html
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