CEO rules, playing nice and karma

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Re: CEO rules, playing nice and karma

Post by EdinWigan »

I really like the idea that we are all grouping together to help support 'Hot Breath' and 'Generally Speaking' as we all know they are currently overseas and might, need some support in running the forum in the form of some Mod's.

This is, however, exactly why we do not need to follow other forums. Even though this forum is in the midst of a sustained attack by forces from K-far, it STILL retains its natural flow.

So, to all those wanting a Mod Level setting up, thank you for your wish to help out those two but my vote, for what it is worth is:

The members are already doing all that we would ask of a Mod but without the need for some token badge.

We have a membership that at times, does not agree but works through that disagreement and moves on. On the occasions a 'Higher Power' is needed we can PM 'Upstairs' and await either the 'Dragon to Awake' or 'Life in the Sand Pit' and let them press the 'Ban' button.

There is a great deal to be said about the organic style of this forum, we should support it.

This is only my opinion and I will be happy to follow the wish of the majority of our members and abide by that decision.

Whilst I have your attention, I would like to 100% object to the attempted character assassination of our good friend and 'Pun-Meister' Vlad, a great source of entertainment on line and off-line a really nice person, excellent teacher and generally great guy.

Just my opinion, I look forward to reading yours

Keep it up !

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Re: CEO rules, playing nice and karma

Post by Cowshed Cowboy »

Not too into the finer intricacies of moderating but from what I see here it appears to work pretty well. Those that I have noticed sin binned appear to be given enough rope to hang themselves, and General Mac or OD appear to remove the dead body.

Being of a generally placid nature even I was getting wound up by Hot Recruiter who seemed to be randomly attacking anyone and everyone, a quite bizarre online persona. The foul odour of his vitriol permeated the forum a bit longer than I thought necessary, but let's hope he comes back a bit more reasonable.
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