Can Bloggers be taken as "real" news

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Re: Can Bloggers be taken as "real" news

Post by Mishmash »

phuketrichard wrote: Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:09 am
The main stream and on are complete fake bullshit untrustworthy propaganda machines. The new york times has a long history of this...along with news agencies for generations.
You can't believe jack shit you see or hear these days.
most of the US MSM News is anti-western bullshit. Or PC propaganda destroying the nuclear family unit. The BBC is not far behind.
OK; you all have established where you dont get ur news
so where do you get it? Word of mouth? CEO?

I use BBC, Aljazera, RT News, Asia news, Washington post, (Cnn, Fox are so slanted its comical)
Follow a few bloggers for asian news + the irrawaddy, Bangkok Post, Thai visa, Thaiger and my local phuket news

ALL taken with a grain of salt
I start with the establishment MSM of each country, go to the local rags, and through the conspiracy sites to get the gist of it. After that, start to use google to track down anything obscure.

If I see a pair of tits I will probably get distracted for a while.

I will follow up things that have a bearing on my life, but also take an interest in war, politics, science, space, technology, history, multi-national corporations, quantum mechanics, construction etc.

Since a small boy I tend to read widely, books, films, documentaries anything I can get my hands on.

In real-life I like nature, outside, shooting, beer, marijuana, sex, my family, heavy metal, trance, dance etc.

I dislike crowds and popular events.

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Re: Can Bloggers be taken as "real" news

Post by xandreu »

phuketrichard wrote: Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:42 am ...BBC, Aljazera are all for profit, ...
The BBC is not 'for profit'. It's paid for in the UK by a TV licence - everyone who owns a TV in the UK has to pay (I think it's about 150GBP which is about 200USD) per year which funds the BBC. (The legalities of it can be a bit more complicated than that but this isn't a thread about the UK TV licence)

BBC Worldwide, which is the version of the BBC everyone else in the world see's, is funded through advertising but any profits made are directly put back into the corporation. It isn't a private company, it has no shareholders, it makes no profit. (officially anyway)

That's partly why, in many worldwide surveys, they often come out top in terms of trustworthiness and unbiased reporting. Their code of conduct means they aren't allowed to be biased or report on stories with an agenda.

Whether they always follow that code of conduct or not is always being debated in the UK, but the BBC is a 'not-for-profit' organisation.
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Re: Can Bloggers be taken as "real" news

Post by sigmoid »

There seems to be a general assumption among the humans that "reality" is actually "real", when in fact, the concept of "real" vs "unreal" is merely (as usual) a false dichotomy.

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Re: Can Bloggers be taken as "real" news

Post by techietraveller84 »

Bloggers add an extra facet to the public perspective. So while they often have an agenda to push or a brand to promote, their perspective can, on occasion, shed light on a neglected angle that makes the real story a bit more approachable.
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Re: Can Bloggers be taken as "real" news

Post by siliconlife »

Depends on the blogger, just as it does with any journalist, or writer of any sort. So yes, they can, but not often, I'd say.
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