Best ways to stop smoking

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Tim Linkinwater
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Re: Best ways to stop smoking

Post by Tim Linkinwater »

I'm just getting my head in the right place for this, badneighbour. Have just finished that Alan Carr book: Easyway. It didn't work right away, but has got me liking cigs a lot less and questioning why I smoke them each time I pick one up.

Will re-read as I could feel myself resisting a lot of the sense he was talking: funny thing addiction.

I would recommend a read of it to help you on your way.

Good luck.
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Satiated Parrot
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Re: Best ways to stop smoking

Post by Satiated Parrot »

Smoking changes one's entire psychology. It makes you think you need something to function. It's scary
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The Missionary Man
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Re: Best ways to stop smoking

Post by StroppyChops »

Digg3r wrote:I had tried quitting smoking many times over the years. I had tried patches and gum and that drug Zyban.

Nothing worked until the day back in 2010 when my son picked up a tooth pick and put it in his mouth copying me smoking.

I quit cold turkey.
Kudos. Seriously.
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Re: Best ways to stop smoking

Post by Francis »

Satiated Parrot wrote:Smoking changes one's entire psychology. It makes you think you need something to function. It's scary
The trick is not being afraid of death. Then it’s not scary at all and you keep smoking 40 cigs a day (just like me). 8)
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flying chicken
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Re: Best ways to stop smoking

Post by flying chicken »

I have a book in PDF helps you to quit smoking sent by a forum member. It actually helped me to quit but sadly I picked it up again a few months later after excessive drinking. Send me your email in PM if you are interested.
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Re: Best ways to stop smoking

Post by terrifiedanimal »

I quit smoking back in 1995. A pack to a pack and a half per day. I used patches and they helped me get over the rough spots. The biggest challenge, for me, was learning to ignore the deeply ingrained cues that would seemingly come out of nowhere and would send a strong signal for me to reach for a ciggy. Morning coffee without that satisfying first smoke of the day was a challenge. Simple little things, like starting the car, finishing a meal, opening a cold beer etc. The urge was strongest at those moments and so I learned to brace for it and even, initially, to avoid certain situations where I was most likely to have a slip. Almost 20 years have passed since I had that last smoke, but at times, but only rarely these days, I can feel that tiny nagging sensation, urging me to reach for a smoke. A powerful and insidious addiction that will, to some small degree, be haunting you, even after decades of abstention.

Good luck to you. I don't know if you're at the point yet, where you smell the acrid odor of other smokers, and you realize how horrible and how powerful the stench of a heavy smoker is to non-smokers. Congratulations on giving up that destructive, smelly habit.
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Re: Best ways to stop smoking

Post by Digg3r »

Reminds me of that one liner from Rowan Atkinson.
Blackadder wrote:I only smoke after I make love. Back in England I was on 20 a day.
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