Baby Abandoned at Buddhist Temple

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Baby Abandoned at Buddhist Temple

Post by CEOCambodiaNews »

Cambodia News, Phnom Penh: A baby was found abandoned by his parents at a Phnom Penh Buddhist temple complex today , December 1, 2019.
A witness at the scene said they heard screams, and thought it was a cat crying, but when they went to look, they found a little baby, along with some baby items nearby. The baby was crying because it was hungry, and the people there went to get some milk. The witness called the ABC radio team who took the baby to the hospital for further examination and care.
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Re: Baby Abandoned at Buddhist Temple

Post by explorer »

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Re: Baby Abandoned at Buddhist Temple

Post by andy1 »

At least he was left at a temple and not in a rubbish bin or the garbage tip,still sad though.
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Re: Baby Abandoned at Buddhist Temple

Post by xandreu »

It's natural to think of this as as an incredibly sad situation, which in many ways it is, but looking at it from the mother's perspective for a moment, I genuinely don't believe that most mothers do this because they're uncaring and don't care about their offspring. Quite the opposite. I think they've usually found themselves in an impossible situation whereby they believe that the best chance for survival for their child is to be left somewhere that people who are more capable and more able to give the child a type of life that the mother feels she can't give it.

This must be a heartbreaking action for any mother to do, and somewhere, tonight, right now, there's probably a mother who's grieving at what she's done.

We must be careful about judging women who do this sort of thing. Most women don't do it lightly and for most of them, it will live with them for the rest of their lives.

Remember that Cambodia has no social care policy to speak of. The culture here is very different to hat we're used to in the west.

Of course, it's incredibly sad for the child, but it seems to be in safe hands and hopefully it will be well cared for. Albeit without it's natural mother, but things could be worse. I was raised without my natural mother and apart from a couple of homicides I turned out fine (I'm joking about the homicides naturally, but I was raised without my natural mother, and I think I haven't done too badly)

Of course it's a sad situation but going forward, I hope it ends up in the care of someone who can really give it the the love and support it needs.
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Re: Baby Abandoned at Buddhist Temple

Post by pczz »

Sadly babies are a commodity here, and half white babies are quite often sold by the mothers. I was waiting in a private hopsital with a khmer and her 1 year old and a wealthy young couple who had been there for helpto conceive offered her $2000 for him, in the waiting room in front of everyone :-(
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