American English Teacher William Glenn Murdered in Cambodia

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Re: American English Teacher William Glenn Murdered in Cambo

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- Wlliam -
Phnom Phen

Hello all,

My name's Bryan Glenn and I'm from the U.S.A. I have a degree in Education and I've been teaching English, Math and Science for 17 years. I started teaching in America and after I graduated from University I taught in Mississippi for 6 years, I got bored of the low pay and the boredom in Mississippi, so I decided to take a chance and took a job at a Catholic school in Cancun, Mexico for a year, thinking it would be a great place to teach and spend my free time on the beach. That thought was completely incorrect! While Cancun is a beautiful place, in the beach part of town, as a "Gringo," a non Mexican with white skin from America, you're treated like shit! I met some other miserable teachers there that said "Thailand was a great place to teach and experience a better culture, full of nice people. And they all said the same thing," I made a big mistake leaving Asia to come here!" I left Mexico, spent 10 years in Thailand teaching, 6 months in Beijing, China and now I'm here in Cambodia. I just arrived 2 days ago, with very little information from anyone, because I've ever met anyone that's taught here, so I'm just trying to find out what schools I should apply for and see how it goes.

- Wlliam -
Phnom Phen
04 May 2014

Hello, my name's William Glenn and I'm a teacher from the U.S.A. I've taught English at every level from Kindergarten to grade 12 and Mathematics and Science in all primary grades. I'm currently living in Phnom Penn and I'm looking for a teaching position, starting as soon as possible. I have a degree in Education and I've spent the last 10 years teaching in Thailand. I'm a very compassionate, fun teacher that loves to watch his students learn and reach their full potential. If you would like to see my C.V. and all relevant documents you can email me at [email protected] or call me at 077602863 to set up an interview. Kind regards, William Glenn
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Re: American English Teacher William Glenn Murdered in Cambo

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UKJ wrote:
General Mackevili wrote:A long read, but this is from William Bryan Glenn's friend from when he was teaching in Thailand. Sounds authentic to me. Paints quite a picture of the dude. When I read this, it's hard to imagine he could have survived in Thailand for 13 years without being murdered. Taken from another site:
Piper wrote:I worked with Bryan for a year a few years ago and we became relatively close confidants during that time because we stayed at the same accommodation, worked at the same school and were drinking buddies. quote]
Who needs enemies with friends like Piper!
Despite Bryan always having Piper's back, Piper decides to take a huge dump on Bryan's grave, and at the same time draws a halo over his own head. Light drinker, not into whoring lol, yet hangs out in the back streets with what he describes as an alcoholic meth smoking whoremonger. :facepalm:
exactly. this was awful. i thought it was an embassy employee, shifting the attention by smearing the victim.
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Re: American English Teacher William Glenn Murdered in Cambo

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Kuroneko wrote:
dagenham wrote:
The Add Jay wrote:wont happen...too much group think with the chinese. all same haircut...same music...same shit. all they got his numbers.
You aint never partied with rich trendy Chinese in same same there...
:thumb: Exactly I have always found the Chinese a pretty lively bunch to party with
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