WTB Computer desk

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WTB Computer desk

Post by Captain Bonez »

Anyone know where to buy an average computer desk please? I'm looking for one that i can put my legs underneath comfortably and has the shelf for the PC on the side. Doesn't need to be super flashy or anything, just strong enough to last a while

Cheers :thumb:

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Re: WTB Computer desk

Post by fax »

Just go to computer desk street. It’s easy from there. It’s on Monivong or something.
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Re: WTB Computer desk

Post by Brody »

It's not that simple fax, Bonez requires certain specifications...


In all seriousness.....fax is correct....I bought one similar your pic in a place on Monivong, not too far up from the MaoST intersection. I'll see if I can find a business card, I don't recall the name of the place.

Edit: This was the place....they delivered and put the thing together

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Re: WTB Computer desk

Post by xandreu »

There are many places to buy desks. Do you want new or used? For new (and a little pricey, but good quality) do a Google maps search for 'Office Pro'. They have branches everywhere.

For more reasonable priced ones but slightly lesser quality, you have Gold One Home

Or if you want used, there are many second hand office equipment stores around Olympic Market.
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