FOR SALE: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012) - $150

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FOR SALE: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012) - $150

Post by The_Notorious_N.E.D. »

I know, I know ... $150!? That should go for $300-$350 easily in PP! What's the catch? Well, there are a couple of them, though they are not that bad.

1. This is the Galaxy Note 10.1 - N8000 model with both WIFI and 3G ... EXCEPT ... At some point long ago, before I ever laid eyes on it, some idiots may have tried to unlock it blindly without having the actual code to do it, and after X number of attempts that's it. You're done, no more tries even if you get your head out of your ass and go find the real unlock code. So the device is carrier locked to an unknown carrier in an unknown country. Long story short - the 3G does not work. WIFI works just fine. So just consider it a WIFI only model (an N-8010 instead of 8000.) You may think you can fix it. Please, be my guest, go ahead and try. But I'm pretty good at crap like that and I ran into dead ends, so I doubt you'll do better, but I could be wrong. Consider that fair warning if you purchase it because you're holding out hope for the 3G being repairable ... it's now a WIFI only model.

2. Cosmetic dings and so forth to the plastic on the back etcetera. This tablet was well-loved by someone. Some clumsy motherfucker. The screen is unblemished, but the plastic body has a lot of wear on it. It doesn't effect the actual functioning of the device though. This pretty much kills the resale value on the Khmer market, however, because you could sell them a turd with an antenna sticking out of it and as long as they couldn't see any nicks or dents in it while checking it with a magnifying glass they'd declare it "99.99%" ... but a phone made out of solid gold utilizing futuristic alien technology would be scoffed at and dismissed if it had a scratch on it or you didn't salvage its original cardboard box, along with the shitty spaceman headphones it came packaged with (full set! yay!), when you found it in the wreckage at a UFO crash landing site ... So basically, if you resell it'll have to be to an expat or a blind man, given local market expectations.

3. Screen sensitivity issue? I'm not sure what the deal is exactly, but if you use the stylus that comes with it then everything always works great pretty much. But if you don't use the stylus, occasionally there will be problems with imprecision or touches not registering or whatever. Not all the time, just sort of randomly. And it never happens when you're using the stylus instead of fingers. It isn't a huge deal - it's annoying when it occurs but usually there's no problem. I mention it because I'm not an asshole who hides that sort of thing from a buyer hoping to slip it by them, even if everyone I buy stuff from in this country apparently is.

Aside from that, here's the tablet specs: ... 0-4573.php

You won't find anything else new or used for $150 in Cambodia (or anywhere else really) that has the horsepower that this does, despite it having a couple of quirks. It works great for the most part.

TEXT/SMS only to 088 621 8962. I'll call you back if necessary. I'm pretty deaf so I rarely answer the phone - only when I'm in ideal conditions as far as background noise / distractions etc go. Thanks.
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Re: FOR SALE: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012) - $150

Post by vladimir »

Where was this when I bought my Samsung Grand Duos?

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