Things to do in Cambodia?

Have questions or resources regarding Khmer Culture? This forum is all about the Kingdom of Cambodia's culture. Khmer language, Cambodian weddings, French influence, Cambodian architecture, Cambodian politics, Khmer customs, etc? This is the place. Living in Cambodia can cause you to experience a whole new level of culture shock, so feel free to talk about all things related to the Khmer people, and their traditions. And if you want something in Khmer script translated into English, you will probably find what you need.
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Things to do in Cambodia?

Post by OrangeDragon »

Obviously as expats the luster of tourist type attractions fade over time... but there are little "off the beaten path" type of things to do that not all tourists/new arrivals are aware of. I'll list the ones I can thinks of, others please help me make the list larger.

Oudong Temple


I really enjoyed this temple, and I'm not huge on the "temple experience" so much. It has amazing views from the top, some really cool artwork/etc, and the market not far from it (down the hill, to the back) had a really interesting selection of less common local foods to choose from and have a picnic with. It was a really fun short trip out of Phnom Penh.

Kbal Chhay Waterfall
This Sihanoukville waterfall is pretty cool in my opinion. Rarely sees much of a tourist crowd, mostly Khmer families. Depending on the season it's 2 different experiences. In the wet season it's a very impressive violent waterfall which I find fascinating to watch, with smaller streams upriver being nice to wade in with a little current. In the dry season it's as you see in the photo above, a fun waterfall to so stand in and swim in.

Phnom Chhnork Cave
Living so close to Kampot, there's really no excuse for why I haven't been to this cave other than I'm a little lazy lately. It looks incredible, and I happen to really really love caves.
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Re: Things to do in Cambodia?

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Ratanakiri Waterfalls

A popular place for local tourists when visiting this region

Indigenous tribes in Mondolkiri

An interesting place to check out one of the most isolated areas in Cambodia.
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