'Dear Kobe' - the True Story of Survival and Escape as Former Cambodian Army Spy Sid Sean

Have questions or resources regarding Khmer Culture? This forum is all about the Kingdom of Cambodia's culture. Khmer language, Cambodian weddings, French influence, Cambodian architecture, Cambodian politics, Khmer customs, etc? This is the place. Living in Cambodia can cause you to experience a whole new level of culture shock, so feel free to talk about all things related to the Khmer people, and their traditions. And if you want something in Khmer script translated into English, you will probably find what you need.
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'Dear Kobe' - the True Story of Survival and Escape as Former Cambodian Army Spy Sid Sean

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September 25, 2019

It's all in the new non-fiction book titled 'Dear Kobe,' where 75-year-old Sidoeun Sean tells his dramatic story in a letter to his little son, Kobe. Kobe, at age seven, loves his grownup siblings, his father's first family. But he knows little of the life they experienced during those years when a quarter of Cambodia's population was murdered....

.. 'Sid', as he is known now in Texas, describes the simple life of the 1940s and '50s, growing up with his ten brothers and sisters in a village along the Mekong River. He tells about living as a kind of houseboy for an opium dealer. He describes the elation that turned to horror as the people realized what it meant when the Khmer Rouge unleashed Pol Pot's murderous 'agrarian Utopia' in Cambodia in 1975.

https://menafn.com/1099047636/Dear-Kobe ... hmer-Rouge
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