Ambok-rice flakesI

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Ambok-rice flakesI

Post by taabarang » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:04 pm

Ambok is made from rice that is harvested neither too ripe nor too green, fried dry in a clay wok, pounded with a large mortar and pestle and then winnowed to get rid of the chaff. Locals eat it either mashed up with bananas or soaked in green coconut milk with its soft meat.

I was overwhelmed however with its resemblance to oat meal and tried the following. I placed a couple of cups in a bowl along with a dollop of palm sugar
(Skor tnaut), another dollop of butter, a sliced banana and some raisins, added boiling water and had a great, if somewhat proletarian meal. It is available in all markets and will slowly increase in price as the season progresses to the end( chong dai). It is currently available in my home markets for 1200 riels for a cup made from a condensed milk can. I love it since I am so tired of eating rice that tastes like rice and enjoyed the taste change. By the way, ambok made from sticky rice is of a great quality and no, white sugar will never replace palm sugar for me.
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Re: Ambok-rice flakesI

Post by Duncan » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:59 pm

Add it to the Breakfast Menu ,, I hope your girls can cook it cause I wouldn't mind trying it out.
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