Why are bar girls costlier?

When we all like to come out and play...
Bars, clubs and pubs oh my!
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Re: Why are bar girls costlier?

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frank lee bent wrote: Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:40 am On no account pay R2000 for a pineapple either
My god I am being ripped of back in the UK,just under 4000r,that is after the airfare.
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Re: Why are bar girls costlier?

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Here are some golden oldie Non PC Jokes I remember about how to reply when men get the cruel knock-backs and death stares from some over-inflated females.


A Guy approaches a table in a bar occupied by some nose pierced tattooed PC women…

Guy: Excuse me – Is this chair occupied?
PC Lady: No!!! and neither will this be if you sit there!!!
Guy: Why? Is that because you’ll be under the table giving me a BJ

Late Night - Guy approaches a Land Whale Feminist

Guy: Well love – it’s getting late – your place or mine?
Land Whale Feminist: Fuck off - You go to your place – I’ll go to mine
Guy: Listen lady – I don’t give a shit where you go after I’ve fucked you in the back of my car.

Guy waltzes up to a Feminazi in empty bar at closing time

Guy: Hey Gorgeous – it’s lonely in here - how about me and you?
Feminazi: I’d rather die than sleep with you.
Guy: That’s OK as long as your body’s still warm when I’m fucking you up the ass
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