May I post drunkenly...on whiskey?

When we all like to come out and play...
Bars, clubs and pubs oh my!
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Re: May I post drunkenly...on whiskey?

Post by Garry.Crabtree »

Sir_Quality_U_Feel wrote:
Garry.Crabtree wrote:Oh and I'm all for drunken posts.
Just always remember that by the time you wake up from your stupor, your post would have been seen by hundreds and you've already become a figure of fun and ridicule for it.
Um... WTF Garry.... where is the pun? How dare you , Sir. How. Dare. You! Don't ever post a serious comment like this again.
Now that there is a forum that respects me for not being a smart, clever, worldly, or overly educated expat. I have tried to mix up my posts a little. I still cannot cut out the piss-poor puns but now I do try to comment on thread first, then pun second.
According to the proverb: The pun is mightier than the sword
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