Good girls in Phnom Penh

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Re: Good girls in Phnom Penh

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phuketrichard wrote: Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:16 pm :evil6:
Bitte_Kein_Lexus wrote: Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:44 pm So many garbage responses... Keep in mind OP, the average age of posters here is somewhere around 50, so they're often out of touch with the younger generation. I'll give my 2c later in the day. A few posters were already spot on, but got drowned out by a majority of bullshit.
I agree to a certain extend.
But saying that , why would a "good " girl want to have anything to do with you? She'd have much more fun out with her friends than with some clueless non khmer speaking barang
Saying that there some nicer clubs around pp that girls just want to have fun go.
What I mean is that times have changed. Many girls are willing to openly date (either westerners or Khmer). The guys saying no "good girl" will put out are well out of touch with the current dating reality. It's an old cliche from like 20 years ago when western guys were limited to working girls or marriage. Now, I'm not saying that every girl will be open for a fling (though there are many), but the vast majority won't insist on marriage first. Some will want a relationship beforehand, while others will be content for it to be part of the beginnings of a relationship. Though I'm sure they're nowhere as "cosmopolitan" as BKK girls (I wouldn't know, don't have experience), the fact is the growing middle class wants to experience new things. Like Brody said, it's fairly easy to find a university student or girl who works who's willing to date a western guy. As for countryside girls being "purer" or whatever, that's total bullshit as well as most are away from the prying eyes of family, so are quite often even more willing than city girls (unless they live with auntie or something, but regardless: it's easy for girl to hide/lie about their whereabouts to their family members anyways. Those who think otherwise should just think back at their own youth...).

As for meeting girls: the easiest is to join clubs/social events. Join a gym, cham events, some sort of social activity club, go out an meet people, make friends and build a social circle. If you're not much of a social bird, then hit up Badoo and Tinder, which are both decent places to meet girls. Speaking Khmer definitely opens a LOT more doors, as girls who aren't confident about their English will feel more at ease if you can speak (even just a it), opening up a much larger percentage of girls. Makes chatting up girls/asking for phone numbers in any situation much easier. So learning a bit of basic Khmer should be on your list of priorities if you're into local girls. Plenty of office girls out there who can or can't speak much English would be more willing to talk to you if they knew you also tried (and made mistakes/attempts) in their native language. It's a good ice-breaker for many as it boosts their confidence in their own English-speaking ability.

You're welcome Brody. You were one of the few I considered spot on this time. I know how you greatly appreciate my 2c. P.S., you should add more details about their insatiable appetites next time.
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