Small Business Near Toul Sleng Museum for Sale

Yes... we are absolutely interested in your $50,000 bar for sale with 3 stools and no customers.
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Re: Small Business Near Toul Sleng Museum for Sale

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Bitte_Kein_Lexus wrote:Look at it this way: you had the guts to try it out. Sure, you failed and sure, you lost some money. But had not not at least given it a shot, you likely would have regretted it the rest of your life. Just chalk it up as an experience to learn from. It takes a lot of tries before one works out. Most old people I've talked to say the things they regret the most in life aren't things they did, but things they didn't do. :beer2:

You did not fail, you had a good experiential learning experience, that will pay dividends in the future, I am sure. Average UK tuition fees for international students are around $30k so, your great leaning experience has been very cheap by comparison and I would bet a whole lot better than 12 months in a classroom.

The very best of luck
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