Kbaal Restaurant: Near Waterfalls, Phnom Kulen. $120,000

Yes... we are absolutely interested in your $50,000 bar for sale with 3 stools and no customers.
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Kbaal Restaurant: Near Waterfalls, Phnom Kulen. $120,000

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At the foot of a National Park, very touristy.

Phnom Kulen, a place called Kbaal spean opposite waterfalls carved rocks, a plot of 9800 m2, crossing a small river, with a wooden house of 210m2.

2 bedrooms, a large living room. a large wooden deck, just be finished for a restaurant with a capacity of 60 peoples.

In nature, in the midst of monkeys, squirrels, and other animals. 45KM from the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

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Cambodia is full of sound investments. You just have to know where to look, and could there be a better place to start looking? Near a friggin waterfall! How cool is that? And I hope they throw in that bread. Image
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Re: Kbaal Restaurant: Near Waterfalls, Phnom Kulen. $120,000

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I've been twice to Kbaal Spean falls, beautiful area, very quiet and peaceful - not ideal if you want to make a sound monetary investment, but for chill and calm YES.
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