Which bank should I use as my first account in Phnom Penh?

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Re: Which bank should I use as my first account in Phnom Penh?

Post by Bitte_Kein_Lexus » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:18 am

People rave about ABA so the girlfriend and I opened a joint account there abiut half a year ago. It reminds me of ACLEDA years ago. It was great and then they got so many customers service plunged rock bottom.

I like Prasac myself as I never wait more than 1-2 mins (90% of the time I just go straight to a counter). Right near me, all the staff know me and ATMs everywhere (now).

ABA definitely has more services (online, payments etc) but I'd you need to go into a branch for anything besides a deposit or withdrawal, you'll be waiiiiting and waiiiiting. Last time I was there around three weeks ago, I went to pick up some web banking stuff. They'd sent me a text message saying it was ready. After waiting 20-25 minutes (I'm impatient), my number came up but the guy told me because the girlfriend had signed those particular papers, only she could come pick them up. It's a joint account was my answer. I know, but she signed. Then why did I also receive a text message to come pick up...? Silence+Khmer smile. Hardly efficient. It's probably the best bank, I just think they're a bit understaffed, but I love the deposit machines.

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Re: Which bank should I use as my first account in Phnom Penh?

Post by Doc67 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:36 am

ABA. They have a very good app which you can pay all your bills, EDC, Water, phones etc hassle free. They also do e-Cash whereby you can withdraw cash from their ATM network without having to insert your card - $200 per day daily limit. Again, very useful if you don't want to carry your card around with you.

They also do 'virtual cards' which you issue yourself via the App that allow safe and limited limits for online transaction. I have one just for GRAB. Limit is $10 and 5 transactions a day. No more fumbling with riels to get near the correct money and no more Tuks pretending they have no change either. Just get out and walk away.

The will need your passport, obviously, plus your long term visa. If you can show them a lease (on your apartment) which is for at least 183 days then you can get 'resident status'. If you have any savings earning interest the difference is 6% witholding tax instead of 14%.

Info good as of November 2017.
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