Where can I keep my small boat for a few weeks?

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Re: Where can I keep my small boat for a few weeks?

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I would be talking to somebody who lives on or near the water.

Kampong Cham is upstream maybe 3 hours by road. Near Kampong Cham is an NGO called OBT. There are normally a lot of Europeans and other foreigners there. I would ask there. It is across the river from Kampong Cham town, and upstream maybe 3 or 4 km. I suggest offer a donation. Ask them about security if you leave it there.

by phone call : (+855) 099 319 191
If no answer : (+855) 017 319 194
by e-mail at [email protected]

Near Kampong Cham there are other options.

There is an island called Koh Pen when you arrive over the bridge from the Kampong Cham side. At the back of the island there is a place called Koh Soutin. This is maybe 15 km by river downstream from town. There are a lot of Cham with boats. You could ask there.

On the same side of the river as Kampong Cham town, maybe 2 km upstream are Vietnamese people living in floating houses. You could ask there.

With the last two, you may have difficulty finding someone who speaks English. I would offer a small amount of money for them to look after it.
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Re: Where can I keep my small boat for a few weeks?

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@OP I would go to the tourist police and tell them what happened. If your boat is a Vietnamese fishing boat, there's a good chance that it's been towed away. Worth a shot anyway.
Best of luck.
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Re: Where can I keep my small boat for a few weeks?

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Duncan wrote: Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:38 pm
Are you sure the police / security didn't move it ?
Awful news. Over many years i have never heard of a boat being stolen down on the coast in Koh Kong where i spend a lot of time. It is like horse stealing, you would get murdered.
I leave a kayak permanently tied up to a jetty, full view, completely unattended. Never had cause to worry.

However there is something in what Duncan says. ^^
You sailed into madness with the water festival just about to start. The cops regulate and police this waterway very severely at this time.
Find a trustworthy low-level translator and track down the police patrolling that area. Ask them also for how to contact other police and Navy that are patrolling on the water. It may well have been moved by them.
I hope it was a cheap boat - replaceable here if it is. Best of luck.

Ps, If you do get it back, the cops/navy should be able to advise on a good place to tie-up during the festival.
Maybe on the Mekong close to town, to the north would be nicest and most convenient.
Out in front of one of the riverside Wats is worth checking.
Please let us know how you get on.
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