What do you guys think?

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What do you guys think?

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I have a 2008 Suzuki Step that is collecting dust. It is missing a mirror and needs some cheap wiring work done to get my new horn and blinker lights working. Outside appearance isn't that pretty, but its an older bike. Bit of black plastic missing my where your knees/feet would go.

Here is the kicker. About 500km ago on the bike, I had Tony over at Two Wheels Only do a full service and replacement. $100 total.

So I am basically sitting on a 2008 Suzuki Step that has a nicely re-tuned engine with major parts replaced ( Rear suspension, front disc brake+pads+ cables, throttle cable, rear tire, rear drum brakes. Carb stripped, cleaned and adjusted. newer air filter, automatic transmission belt serviced, cleaned and fluid added. You get the picture.

If the bike looked a bit better on the outside, I would easily want $475 for it. I need to get rid of it and since it is night and locked up now, I can get pictures up of it tomorrow. What do you guys think? Great engine for a older 2nd hand bike. I had shit done to it that I know most people don't bother with.

I would be happy just dumping it for like $375 to $400.. It is a reliable bike and I have the carb tuned so that 125cc engine still gets about 26km/liter around the city, which is good for a Step.

Great bike for someone that doesn't give a fuck about outside appearance and appreciates all the work done, which means you won't have to keep taking it in to the mechanic every 3 weeks.

Pictures incoming tomorrow. I just wanted to see what anyone thought of my unique position.

Thanks for reading all.


Edit- Tonight just got the horn and all the blinkers working.
I'll give ya 500 Riel for it...
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