Urgent visa run to Thailand!!!!!

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Re: Urgent visa run to Thailand!!!!!

Post by Mishmash »

pczz wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:46 pm
AndyKK wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2020 5:02 pm
pczz wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:22 pm
AndyKK wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2020 9:18 am
pczz wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2020 8:12 am
AFAIK work is work and requires an e visa and work permit whether it is voluntary or paid unless arranged as part of sponsored visit ("pay to volunteer") programme.
E vis a and work permit is required if you work in Cambodia, even if you are paid and pay taxes abroad, somnething digital nomads ignore. i believ thailand has a special scheme for digital nomads who work in thailand but get paid elsewhere, for example if you run a web design service in London and pay uk taxes but just happen to park your but in Thailand. thinks its quite expensive though. In europe some countries do the same. You can pay a fixed mount of tax instead of the normal calculations but it is not cheap.
Thing is their, that Thailand has a tax agreement. So basically for digital nomads you could in effect take the lesser tax amount, but at least you would not suffer the double tax.
You do not get double taxed in Cambodia if you are a brit either. I asked at both tax offices. HMRC say that there is no official tax treaty with Cambodia but if you can show you paid tax here on earnings in Cambodia they will not double tax you. Cambodian tax office said pretty much the same thing but said that applies to all foreigners. They only tax you on income generated in cambodia. Cambodian citizens, however, are supposed to be taxed on all their worldwide income
Yes this is so, I think at the moment the only official tax treaty is with Singapore, what was more of a concern, were pensions at one time. Has you had mentioned before about digital nomads I remember meeting 3 in Thailand (subcontracting the same company has I was). But they kept on moving in them old days, now it is all a little different.
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Yep... some on here mistakenly believe they can cheat the people and everything is free for them. I dislike big government but I pay my dues as I would in any jurisdiction.
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Re: Urgent visa run to Thailand!!!!!

Post by AndyKK »

Just like you quoted before Pczz I did the same enquiry some years ago when I set up business here, correct visa work permit and licensing.
I rented my premises from the chief of police, next door was it turned out the one who permits the license, his brother was the tax man. I asked most questions on this site and got the answers. kiwi is very knowledgeable on the subject, I would only go into what I did being legal, just has I did in business at home. It was the tax office that could not prepare my tax patient on time for my EOS and unable to get without,I had just renewed my work permit and business license, it was the officer of the works and labour department who adviced me to go for the retirement (because I had proff in documents) untill I got the tax paitant. But the law then changed, with me getting tangled with the change unfortunately..
The labour department could not help in the situation now. So I stay now has a retiree with hobbies to keep occupied.
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