U.S. Treasury Dept. checks

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Re: U.S. Treasury Dept. checks

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Luigi wrote: Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:31 pm Richard what is Taa?


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Re: U.S. Treasury Dept. checks

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The SS system is easier to verify for a claim. They simply have to verify your age and SS number.
The Treasury also issues checks for disability.
In those cases, there is a lengthy delay and once they determine a claim is valid they issue a large check going back to when they determined the applicant was disabled
I got my dad's SS when he died when I was 11.
The checks were mailed in those days in care of my mother who blew it on whatever she felt like.
My mother received her SS and half of my Stepdad's but was cut off when she did not report that she had changed her address. I had to move her into my house until I cleared up that issue. So much fraud and theft has caused drastic changes over the years.
Thieves would go into an apartment building where elderly lived on the 3rd of the month and rob their mailboxes and somehow cash them...
Same thing with food stamps...people would try to sell the stamps for cash outside liquor stores.
Now, the food stamp is actually a debit card.
Good luck to all who are getting what they paid into all their lives...
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