MOFAIC....regular procedure?

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MOFAIC....regular procedure?

Post by lostjeremy »

In all my years here I've never needed to go to the Mofaic until today and was disappointed and irritated but not surprised with their BS.

I'll preface with saying me, wife and kids were present and we were kind and respectful even though U was struggling and biting my tounge.

First we weren't allowed past the gate to even go to the building.
Then the security guy said he could do what we needed for $80. We showed him the website shows $10 so we were told to go away.
Called the number on the website and a lady came out to us and she was kind but the rules she said make zero sense.
All we need is an official copy of my wife's ID and birth certificate. We showed the originals. She said they can not do it without seeing our marriage certificate....WTF does a marriage certificate have to do with a copy of a national ID?

We have a US marriage certificate so she said she will talk to her boss and try to do it.

I've had my chain pulled plenty by the Cambodia govt but I guess I just wasn't expecting it from Mofaic.

For those of you whove been there does that sound like normal operating procedure?

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