Security guards with "BHQ" on uniforms

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Re: Security guards with "BHQ" on uniforms

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Re: Security guards with "BHQ" on uniforms

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j57 wrote: Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:18 am The men in these uniforms... is worth listening to.
Yep, J57. I was a fiery peacenik battling the cops on the streets, fighting our own little chapter of the US/Indochina war back in the early '70's. And in 1975 i made my own little private trip to one almost forgotten corner of that terrible atrocity - to see it for myself.

But i a long longtime ago made my peace with the boys in boots - and those in Ho Chi Minh sandals too.
The more history i read the greater my respect increases, and sorrow, and rage, and wonder - at all they had to endure.

I am currently mid way through watching the excellent PBS series The Vietnam War (released 2017 i think).
It is generally pretty US-centric, but gives wonderful insight into the life and realities of the soldiers on both sides.
I know this territory pretty well, but i never get tired of listening to those kids, and watching in shock, horror and awe at what they went though.

'Can't say much for their bosses tho'.
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Re: Security guards with "BHQ" on uniforms

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They used to carry the guns in black canvas bags. What happened?
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