Rod & line fishing on the riverside

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Rod & line fishing on the riverside

Post by IraHayes »

Some questions regarding fishing with a rod and line on the river side:-

1. Local laws (yeah yeah... I can guess the answer but asking anyway to confirm)

2. Good retailer for tackle etc.

3. Bait

4. Where to fish, good/safe spots. Daytime or evening best.

5. Can you eat the fish? Would you eat the fish?
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Re: Rod & line fishing on the riverside

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly »

Fishing the rivers of Phnom Penh could land you an unusual catch. The missing persons unit will no doubt appreciate your assistance. :thumb:
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Re: Rod & line fishing on the riverside

Post by vladimir »

I'm guessing the OP is a trawl
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Re: Rod & line fishing on the riverside

Post by Kuroneko »

I get all my gear from Soknaphi who runs world fishing at # 220 street 150. He is very knowledgable and can give lots of advice on bait and etc. You need to have a passable knowledge of Khmer though or take along a khmer friend to help. He also has a lot of second hand tackle. There are plenty of other options eg in Sorya Shopping Mall and on Monivong near Central Market but I am not sure of exact locations.

Heres soknaphi's details and add
Tel: 012434262/0977 434 262
Email [email protected]
My shop is name World Fishing.We sell all kind of fishing equipment and fishing tour,especially,We make our own Hooks for fishing snakehead .We have different bait(frogs, nuy num, nuy ob ...). We have renting boats for fihing in Baset lake (10000riel per day).If you are interest or have any question please give me a call.

I fish on the Mekong so not sure about the Riverside.
Bait for catfish - prahok
Bait for snaikhead - frogs
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