Road safety NGOs

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ali baba
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Road safety NGOs

Post by ali baba »

Are there any NGOs focused on road safety?

I'm an avid walker and I'm getting fed up with the state of Phnom Penh's streets, which are not conducive to the bi-pedal (or bicycle).
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Re: Road safety NGOs

Post by Sailorman »

Nothing on the death highways/streets of Cambodia will change until the police start doing their job. You start fining bad drivers and/or confiscating their vehicles it won't take long for them to get the message.

Here in Sinaoukville I've watched time and time again police doing nothing to traffic scofflaws. Pay the traffic police a little more and bi-annual evaluations. Its all about accountability, there is none, just drive Hwy #4 the Death Highway to Hell.

Roadblocks (even when its raining) that are license checks. No license, no moto/car. More money for the cop department. Stop having police (when they are out) at the same place every time. It starts at the top cop and he appears to be doing nothing.

Just the other day a cop pickup truck just about drove a friend on mine's car off the road. How can drivers respect the laws when you have examples like that. Answer: you can't and they don't. I've ridden motorcycle for 54 years, but its not enjoyable to ride in Cambodia because odds are your eventually going down due to a Cambo crazy driver.
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