Reliable 3G around Toul Tom Poung

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Reliable 3G around Toul Tom Poung

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I've learned the hard way that being on the edge of town also means being on the edge of net coverage (and hence, 'Edge' service, I guess) and this doth sucketh much. Shortly moving to Toul Tom Poung and have our own TP-Link router that will accept a USB modem dongle. Two questions:

1. Can anyone comment on which telco has reliable 3G around TTP? (This is different to the "which is the better telco" debate); and,

2. I want to buy a Huawei USB modem dongle to use directly in the router. Are these carrier independent in Cambodge, and will the bigger telcos SIM them as part of the service? (Alternatively, do I need to buy a USB modem directly from the carrier?)

3. (Bonus question) Is 4G actually working anywhere, and if so, what is the pricing like?
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Re: Reliable 3G around Toul Tom Poung

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