Real Jeans.

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The Add Jay
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Re: Real Jeans.

Post by The Add Jay »

vladimir wrote:A few years ago I saw 2nd hand genuine Levi's for sale at BKK Market, around $16

Since most people prefer faded jeans, and many spend time and money getting them to look that way, why not?

I know you can buy pre-washed etc, but the effect is the same.
Someone told me there is this place where they have some awesome 2nd hand clothes. Really retro also from the mid to late 70s. I think the place is called Cheung Ek. Ever heard of it? The clothing is just laying outside for you to pick. A few stains and some wear and tear the usual with any second hand clothing from Cambodia.
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Re: Real Jeans.

Post by vladimir »

Yes, that's the place, next to the gynaecologist who only treats certain posters from pubic forums.
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Re: Real Jeans.

Post by Sir_Quality_U_Feel »

The Add Jay wrote:I stopped wearings levis when I was 8 years old. And stopped wearing osh kosh when I was 5.

I cant deal with Levi's they used to make good cheap jeans but now they wants the same prices as higher brand names. All my jeans are Tommy from the states. I know there are some high end euro brands but idfk what those are.
I think you are confusing K-Mart bought "Lee's" with Levi Jean Co. Easy mistake. Levi's make some quality jeans Jay, so I don't know what you are on about. You can custom make your own pair through them. Take a pair of 20$ jeans and a pair of Levi's and just feel them. Trust me Sir, the Quality, U can Feel.
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Joker Poker
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Re: Real Jeans.

Post by Joker Poker »

I've got a couple of pairs of Levis in the cupboard. I wear them about once a year when you get that really cold day. I'm guessing they should last for the next 30 years without too many worries.

Most of the time I just wear my cargo shorts, wifebeater and footy beany, oh yeah, and my thongs (flip flops). I blend in real good.

Something like this:

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Re: Real Jeans.

Post by phuketrichard »

chkwoot wrote:The Levi's store in Aeon is owned by the same company as the one across from Shitty Mall (anyone else a South Park fan?). Same scant offerings. Only 4 styles for men, and not many sizes. Nothing for a 6 foot tall, non heroin/tweeked/HIV barang. Cheapest pair were $104! But they're real Levi's.
and u all complain about the thread on k44o about $19.50 sandwiches??? :whip:

Was just at the mall here in Phuket, Original levis 501 3,400-20% $84

was back in the states in Nov an they were on sale for $35

I've got a few pair that are way to small (501's) i'll let go for $20 each
already pre washed
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