Odd Question about Apartment "Servicing"

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Re: Odd Question about Apartment "Servicing"

Post by Austman »

What ever drugs your on man. WOW they are really really good. Austman, Thanks for the quip!
My wife said to get one of those pills that'll give me a huge hard on for hours! I brought her back some diet pills, Now I am hiding out in Cambodia for a few years until she calms down!
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Re: Odd Question about Apartment "Servicing"

Post by Ravensnest »

I won't bother to read Mr. brainiacs posts and have blocked him. I Digress (RIP Howard).

The nice kid that cleaned our building and my neighbors' apartments left to go work back in his home province permanently a bit before I posted this thread. My neighbor leaves her trash outside on my floor and I have to walk buy it. I assumed the kid took it out for tips, idk. But now that he's gone, she's still putting trash there. I got tired of looking at it and I have been carrying her shit down with mine. Nobody else does this in the 5-floor building, including the owners.
My wife has taken over cleaning the apartments and I don't want her to do it and I'm half tempted to say something to the lady but I don't want to make any waves.
Still hunting for opium paraphernalia.
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