Need a cleaner ASAP

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Re: Need a cleaner ASAP

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Sir_Quality_U_Feel wrote:
Bitte_Kein_Lexus wrote:Hi,

Anyone know of a cleaner available? Bit of a dirty job. Cleaning a house+stairwell. It would be nice if the cleaner had his/her own equipment (brooms, scrubbers etc). I'd be willing to pay 10$ for a days work (I assume that's a decent offer?). Probably a short job too. Maybe 3-4 hours though I might keep them longer to make sure everything is good.
Lately I have been wondering if someone knows a cleaning lady who already has steady work but is willing to work sort of freelance. Once in a great while, myself and Mrs. Sir_Q get pretty busy with work and our home starts to look kind of messy. There is no schedule to when this may happen. There have been a few times where we have just wanted to have a cleaner we could call up to come over and do a full clean. We would provide everything needed.

If I could find a lady that fits this role. is $5 per hour of cleaning fair. I am thinking that a 2 hour session should leave our place spotless. So 10$ per session? Let me know if this is too low. Not worried about it being 1$ too high.
Sir Q, thanks for the support in the other post! I'll send through the details of or cleaner.
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