Moving to Cambodia to find work (Afghan citizen)

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Moving to Cambodia to find work (Afghan citizen)

Post by jonathan82 »

Dear all,

Thanks for providing this lovely forum. My partner and I are planning to move to Cambodia in January to look for work and have a few questions. Probably we will both enter on the general visa (E class) and then get EG extensions (looking for work).

If anyone has information about the following questions that would be amazing.

1. Where can an Afghan national (currently residing in China) apply for the initial class E visa to enter Cambodia? Cambodia doesn't have an embassy in China. Would it be possible to apply for example in the Cambodian embassy in Vietnam?

2. How long does it take to convert the initial E class entry visa into the EG "looking for work" 6- or 12-month visa? We have a family commitment that requires that we may need to take a short trip out of the country again soon after our arrival.

3. Are there any agents who can help speed up the process?

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this and we hugely appreciate any information you may have.

Jonathan and Shirin
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Re: Moving to Cambodia to find work (Afghan citizen)

Post by daeum_tnaot »

Probably most people don't know because they just get the visa at the border. But for Afghan nationals it is possible that you aren't eligible at the border or they will apply a 'special procedure' for you. I have no idea about applying for an E visa in advance but you can try calling a Cambodian Embassy.

If you are currently in China, why not try to Embassy there? Or try Vietnam as you say?

Normally, you get onto the EG after the first month, so you won't be able to have multi- entry until you convert to EG after the first month. So you could delay going to Cambodia until after your family event, or you would have to get two different visas (first E visa is only single entry for one month).

For agents, you have to check in the country (i.e. China or Vietnam).
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John Bingham
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Re: Moving to Cambodia to find work (Afghan citizen)

Post by John Bingham »

Afghan citizens can't get VOA, but it seems there is an embassy in Beijing:
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Re: Moving to Cambodia to find work (Afghan citizen)

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

Salaam aalaikum Jonathan and Shirin,
Sorry i can offer no advice re your questions.
But i can offer you all the best wishes in the world for your trip to Cambodia.
I hope it goes well. Cambodia is quite a dis-functional country in many ways (for many good reasons), but there are lots of opportunities for resourceful new-comers.
Bureaucracy here does have it's challenges - but generally it is less restrictive than most places. If you are bright, open, friendly and have a touch of the "street smarts" you should be able to do very well here.

Whether you are Muslim or not - i suggest you contact one of the local mosques in Phnom Penh, they should be able to put you in contact with other Afghani's here. As well as offering advice, assistance and other general support.
The Cham community here is very strong.

I also recommend using this forum, CEO, if you have any other particular queries.
LOL, We are a very mixed bag and you might need some patience, but there is lots of good will and good suggestions amongst all the "flack".
At least, once you arrive, let us know how you are going.
Good luck. Khoda hafiz.
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Re: Moving to Cambodia to find work (Afghan citizen)

Post by PSD-Kiwi »

Afghan passport holders are not eligible for any type of Visa on Arrival in Cambodia. In order to obtain an E-type Visa you need to apply in advance at any Cambodian Embassy, and you will require comprehensive supporting documentation. Without having already obtained employment in advance you haven't got a chance of obtaining an E-type Visa.

1- Invitation Letter from Cambodian registered company (Original),
2- Employment Contract from Cambodian registered co. (Original),
3- Company Registration (issued by the Ministry of Commerce and certified as a true copy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Interntional Cooperation),
4- VAT License (issued by Ministry of Economy & Finance Tax Dept. and certified as a true copy by the MoFAIC),
5- Patent (issued by Ministry of Economy & Finance and certified as a true copy by the MoFAIC),
6- Company Profile,
7- Visa application form
8- Passport photo (white background)
9- Passport

The easiest option would be to enter on an e-Visa (electronic online Tourist Visa) , you will be required to show proof of onward travel, and possibly funds, to Cambodian Immigration officials. this gives you 1 month initially and you can apply for an Extension of Stay for 1 more month. Use this time to seek employment, if successful then obtain all of the necessary required documentation as per above list, then fly out to a neighbouring country in order to apply for the E-type Visa in advance...if successful, return and then apply for your 12 month EB (Business) EOS and Work Permit.

Be aware that having an e-Visa or any other Visa in advance does not guarantee that you will be granted entry to Cambodia, Immigration officials have the right to refuse entry to anyone without having to provide justification for their decision.
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