Leaving the airport with cash

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Re: Leaving the airport with cash

Post by Kammekor »

BR549 wrote: Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:32 pm On the customs card you fill out it always asks if you have more than $10,000 in currency or something similar..be it travellors check, bonds, cashier check etc.
This card has your signature vowing NO or YES.
If you check YES it is a red flag for customs to pull you aside and have you prove it is legally obtained tender..You are then obliged to show proof.
If you check NO and for some reason they search your bags or person and find more than 10K you are going to be taken away to be interrogated and depending on the country..deported..arrested..etc.
The fbi led by james comey tried this scam on a young man named George Popadopoulos.
They had an undercover agent give him 10K in cash in a hotel overseas expecting him to fly back to the USA with it in his fucking pocket along with whatever money he had.
His gf, now wife, smelled a rat and had him leave it with an attorney in Greece.
He landed and was pulled aside by these gestapo tbug G-men all giddy about him not declaring it.
They were then shocked he had no 10K plus and had to then invent another reason to arrest him and take him away in shackles.
A true story perpetrated on a law abiding citizen by the most corrupt government in the history of the planet..the obama cartel.
Siem Reap has been nabbing men with millions of dollars of undeclared money in their suitcases.
I suggest you declare it and have ironclad proof that it is your money.
Just glad the current administration and the Bush administration are / were law abiding as it should be.

Oh wait...

https://www.courthousenews.com/independ ... s-illegal/

https://scholarship.law.gwu.edu/cgi/vie ... blications

I guess they all have their tricky illegal games....
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Re: Leaving the airport with cash

Post by phuketrichard »

departing is never a problem, arriving, just declare it..

We used to take cash out of Nepal into HK, they loved it when they opened the bags and they were full of cash
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Re: Leaving the airport with cash

Post by Doc67 »

Actually, some countries check both way.

The UK imposes limits of 10,000 Euros when travelling outside the EU (go figure why they use Euro not sterling), without declaration. Within the EU thee is no limit, in theory at least.

However, the Proceeds of Crime Act has no such limit and they have sniffer dogs trained to smell cash at airports, particularly Birmingham. They were seeing many young men on their way to Pakistan with under the limit but large amounts of cash. When questioned about the origins of the cash they have no plausible answers and so get it seized. If you're unemployed and got £8k cash and off on holiday to sunny Pakistan, you have got some explaining to do. Tax evasion is a crime so the P of C act applies. I think they were targeting something mush more sinister than tax evasion.

In a nutshell, unless you can produce compelling evidence of a legitimate source of the funds, you have a problem. I reckon £3 or 4k will get you a ton of question at a UK airport. Cash stinks.

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