Illy coffee WTB

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J. Visiting
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Illy coffee WTB

Post by J. Visiting »

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Re: Illy coffee WTB

Post by fax »

Well??!!??!! I demand answers!
Barang chgout
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Re: Illy coffee WTB

Post by Barang chgout »

Severely unwell thanks to gafe?

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Re: Illy coffee WTB

Post by Clemen »

Me too! Provide me immediately with over roasted commodity coffee.
I think Italy might have some
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Re: Illy coffee WTB

Post by Kuroneko »

J. Visiting wrote: Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:03 pmWell?
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Joker Poker
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Re: Illy coffee WTB

Post by Joker Poker »

I bought some in Cairns just recently at Coles.

If you are in PP, Bayon used to stock it, not sure now. They always had a better range of coffees than the likes of Lucky.

Angry Andy sold it as a house brand years back then changed to Lavazza, not sure of anyone else that uses Illy.
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Re: Illy coffee WTB

Post by whiteribbon »

A lot of restaurants here serve it but besides Eaon Mall I don't think I've ever seen a shop selling it. Lavazza can be found everywhere though, even the tiny shops here in Kep sell it. $5 for 250g. Can probably be found cheaper in PP.

edit, Illy coffee: ... n-tin-3kg/
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