How do local women usually act during their pregnancies?

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Re: How do local women usually act during their pregnancies?

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John Bingham wrote: Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:52 pm Local people in general tend to be on the hypochondriac side. So compound that with the various complications of pregnancy and general living and you can imagine it might not all be plain sailing.
Exactly. This is what I am dealing with. She keeps saying her heart is racing. I put the pulse oximeter on her finger. 82. Every time.
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Re: How do local women usually act during their pregnancies?

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Don’t dismiss it too lightly. She may not be able to articulate it well. An irregular heart beat can feel like it’s racing, but is something else.

I pushed SWMBO to visit the doctor, and it turned out she had some quite serious deficiencies- physical ones (we’ll ignore lack of rational thinking for now*)
Anaemia for one.

Settle in for 7 months more of learning a lot more about her and you

*Woman. Pregnant. Woman
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Re: How do local women usually act during their pregnancies?

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Sweet Lemon wrote: Sat Dec 07, 2019 7:45 am Serena Williams won the Australian Open at 8 weeks pregnant. My girlfriend is 8 weeks pregnant and every day is a litany of complaints about headaches, stomaches, too tired to move, etc. Is this normal? It seems like she's really milking this. No pun intended. Do all Cambodian women do this?
No, it's not normal. Most Khmer ladies take it like a champ, at least that's what I see. But because of her diet (low fibre, low vegies, low friet, high carbs) it might be tough. Why not take her for a checkup (blood test) and consider some multivitamins for both her and the baby (Pregnacare, don't buy Pregnacase plus, they will charge you double for some added fish oil, buy the fish oil separately if desired)?
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