How can i give back?

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Re: How can i give back?

Post by khmerhamster »

WildA wrote: Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:57 pm
khmerhamster wrote: Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:33 pm
You can buy a kit (no socks) in homesport at intercon for $3.5 each.
$3.50? Them little kid ones? $1 down at the market
No, the kits I bought were for adults. Asian adults.
Normal sized foreigners will need XXL. When I bought the smallest we needed was for a female about 14 years old. It was too big for her, but not completely ridiculous.
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Re: How can i give back?

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

Cambodian kids deserve, and would fully use and appreciate proper football gear - just like every other kid on the planet wants.
Maybe talk to the coach/manager/school first.
Or if they are just the neighbourhood rabble, still try to find some in-tune adult who can tell you what is needed most, and how best to arrange the distribution. (just an idea)

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Re: How can i give back?

Post by AndyKK »

Some evenings I am at the market over the river at
Chbar Ampov there too is a group of begging kids very rough and barefooted, sometimes I give, other times not. There not just on Riverside has someone mentioned, but unfortunately scattered in every town in the Kingdom. The other night they run up towards the Moto, I was waiting for my partner has she was buying fruit, she always keeps an eye on me too, so do others who work on the market because they are known to steel from people. But this night one kid was very pushy, so no was the answer, he walked away to try elsewhere, but one kid left said to me don't give to him he buys meth when he gets money. It has always made me wonder too if the Riverside group are a fagen gang, proffessioal after I once saw a few get changed and then get in a car.
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