Hospital recommendation

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Hospital recommendation

Post by xandreu »

Having recently paid over $1000 for a minor operation at the Royal Phnom Penh hospital, and subsequently told that I could have had the same procedure done at another hospital for a fraction of that price, I'm keen not to make the same mistake again. I can't complain at the treatment, it was top notch, but way over my budget.

I'm now facing another unrelated medical issue which will probably also require a small operation.

Can anyone recommend a good quality, but not too expensive hospital in Phnom Penh? Preferably from people with first hand experience.

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Re: Hospital recommendation

Post by mouytiet »

I an recommend the Swiss Hospital in Kampot, cleaned my face up and put 8 stitches in it for $50, very clean and professional, very impressed, cant remember exactly were it was.
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Re: Hospital recommendation

Post by Kuroneko »

Central Hospital - There are quite a few threads on this hospital. I have used it regularly since it opened in 2012.
One of my posts below.
Kuroneko wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:05 pm
SEAfann wrote: Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:04 pm Does anyone have info on where there is a good place to get minor surgery done(hernia) in PP or anywhere else in the Kingdom? is Thai/Viet still the best option now?
Central Hospital

You could start with Dr. Chea Pov, he will probably refer you to Dr Long Khieun, who is the surgeon on call and is very good.
Best to go weekdays in the morning before 11.30 am.
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