Electric prices

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Electric prices

Post by programmer »

What prices are you guys paying for your electricity?

I pay 8/unit in Pattaya which is equal to about $0.24/kwh. Not a particularly good rate, government rate is 4.5 here. Hard to negotiate less than 7/unit as an apartment tenant though. Condo rentals can get the government rate.

I have been checking some listings online and it looks like .24 up to .30 or so is what landlords are also asking in Phnom Penh. If signing a lease longer than 6 months I'm curious what a fair price to negotiate would be.
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Re: Electric prices

Post by Doc67 »

State \rate in Daun Penh, Phnom Penh is 770 Riel per KwH. That's 0.188 Cents or THB 5.71.

Apartments seem to vary between 20c to 30c. 25c seems common. Some are on a pre-pay system and I am sure they are set up to rip you off for more than the stated rate. How would you even know?
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Re: Electric prices

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If the landlord is charging you for electricity, you're paying too much.
Tell them that you want to pay the EDC* rate. You want to see the EDC bill.

* Electricite Du Cambodge
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