Ear Cleaning by Doctor

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Re: Ear Cleaning by Doctor

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Strawberryshake wrote: Tue Nov 17, 2020 4:33 pm There are basically 2 ways to clear the ears one is with syringe and a liquid rinse in the ears most even simple clinics can do that and the second option is with the small vacuum cleaner that does a better and more safe job but only more specialized places can do that. I had that done in Pattaya Memorial hospital for i think 1800 bht.
Back in the 80’s I thought I was going deaf (I could hardly hear the TV on full volume) after a check up my GP had his nurse syringe my ears, I was in shock at how much wax came out, some of the lumps were so big I couldn’t believe they could have been in my ears, I felt like a right scruffy cunt. Never had a problem since🤞
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Re: Ear Cleaning by Doctor

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I'm happy with my cleaning yesterday, and from past experience I'm never letting anyone stick a metal prog in my ears
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Re: Ear Cleaning by Doctor

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I had pretty bad wax build up a for a long time .
I won't use cotton swabs make it worse. A few days ago My wife gave me a Bobby pin.
Said use the closed end and gently take out the wax,( of course be careful of your ear drum ) . It worked fantastic! I got so much wax out and after ran some warm water from the shower and my ear was fine and not clogged , hearing great.
Never thought of doing that . Cambodian remedy I guess. Anyway much better than Q-tip.
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