Ex daughters wedding

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Re: Ex daughters wedding

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brisie wrote: Sun Jan 12, 2020 6:28 am The kids hated speaking English refused to learn. Talking face to face was OK but a phone call was short and easily misunderstood
What gutted me is the EX told her town I'm no good. Based on that I'll look like an idiot turning up.
Other than money being the motivator like the mother losing face somehow in Khmer culture is what I'm asking
Who knows what goes on in a female brain?

My missus will start to try and get me into an argument over absolutely nothing when everything is going great....

I never rise to the bait luckily and it can be something totally unrelated and obscure, like she wants to go and visit her mother as the real reason.

For you, trying to figure out the ex's motivation is a pointless exercise sir.

As one poster put on page 1 "ITS A TRAP" and we are not cynics or having a laugh at your expense.

The advice from a thousand years ago is contained in Chapter IV of the Perfumed Garden - Concerning Despicable Women

https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Perf ... /Chapter_4

Your ex fits the bill (sorry to say) and the advice says quite plainly - no happiness can be hoped for a man with such a wife. God keep us from such a one!
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Re: Ex daughters wedding

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If they thought of you as "the father," there would have been previous communication.

I think it's a manipulative ploy. I'm sure you were good to the child, but sadly, you were pushed away and maligned.

I think that any further contact might cost you some money, and perhaps some emotional expense too.
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