COPD inhaler med available?

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COPD inhaler med available?

Post by jose.joven »

My wife and I will be traveling through Cambodia this winter. I was recently prescribed "Symbicort" inhaler for COPD. Does anyone know if it is available in Cambodia? Do I need a local prescription? Ballpark cost per inhaler? Thanks in advance for any information.
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Re: COPD inhaler med available?

Post by cptrelentless »

there are no "prescriptions" in Cambodia. If you can find someone to sell you your shit then you are golden. No uppers, so no ritilin etc but other Indian fakes are fine. Is there an Indian knockoff of your drug?
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Re: COPD inhaler med available?

Post by newkidontheblock »

OP - Symbicort is available in India and there seems to be an Indian generic as well. Don’t just ask for the brand name ‘Symbicort’. Ask for the generic name -
Budesonide and fomoterol fumerate Inhalation aerosol. There are 2 different strengths the 80 mcg and the 160 mcg Budesonide. Good luck!
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Re: COPD inhaler med available?

Post by Feelgood »

Was looking at one today on the shelf at U Care Phnom Penh.

Around 20 dollars. Any problem you can go to Pharmacy la Gare, they sell all medicine's for COPD
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