Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

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Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by SiemReapRoddy »

After some Googling I've come across Angkor Kampuchea Dentist Clinic that looks okay.

Does anyone have experience with this particular one?
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Re: Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by DaveG »

Not been to that one so can't comment, have been to "Master Dental Clinic" and still alive so I suppose that is a result.
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Re: Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by TWY »

Yes, and I'd say I have a mixed opinion.

The gentleman that is the dentist seems to be a competent dentist ( I can't speak for the assistants). The first set of work he did for a member of my extended family was satisfactory.

When returning for additional work, the price to do less work than the 1st time became 50% more expensive based solely on the fact the dentist's wife felt we could afford to pay more. The first time we were quoted a fixed price for the work to be performed. The second time I was handed a sheet with imaginary numbers. If the work didn't really need to be done I would have walked out and gone elsewhere. When I pointed out the simple fact that less work was being done for much more money - the reply was "what do you want to pay" - not what I'd expect from a professional practice.
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Re: Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by samrong01 »

There has been quite an expansion in the number of dentists in Siem Reap in recent years. I would suggest that an internet search is not likely to reveal the best one. I use a dentist down by the river behind Anantara Hotel. I had a crown done in Malaysia at pretty high expense which fell out after 2 months. My dentist in Siem Reap did a new crown for only $50 and it has had no problems at all. Its hard to know what a "good" dentist is - I think only another dentist could tell.
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Re: Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by cambo swa »

Take a bus to PP and go to Malis Dentistry. You won't regret it. Fees are very reasonable and high quality dental practice. She is Japanese with quality education and training. Never let a Cambodian touch your teeth.
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Re: Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by rozzieoz »

I swear by Pachem Dental - ask for Dr Darith.
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Re: Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by Hboklee »

I'd like to recommend the Angkor Kampuchea Dental Clinic in Siem Reap.
They are provide professional treatment by skilfull doctors with modern facility..
We can get service very kindly any time.
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Re: Can anyone recommened a good dentist in Siem Reap?

Post by Freightdog »

Not entirely an answer, but food for thought...

A good friend of mine is a dentist in the UK. She has a well established practice, and both her kids became dentists. One has now set up shop in Oz. She’s worked on a couple of tricky issues for me. I got her opinion of some work to be done to SWMBOs teeth.

A Cambodian dentist (Phnom Penh) with his own little setup has made a complete mess of what would be a fairly straight forward root canal procedure. It’s resulted in some nasty damage, and an extensive infection.

Another dentist, also in Phnom Penh, with some really flashy premises, quoted several thousand dollars to fix the job. I showed this info to my friend, who was astounded. Her first thoughts were- has she been in some sort of major accident to justify this level of work. ie, motorcycle accident? After some scrutiny, it would seem someone has invested a lot of money in some flash dental kit, but may actually have only ever trained as a dental hygienist.

A third Dentist was consulted. He came up with some extensive ideas, but at least had x-rays to back up his ideas. He agreed to some consultation with my friend in the UK, and she again was amazed at the work being proposed, although the damage caused by dentist number one was now quite apparent in the x-rays.
Her overall assessment- 1st visit to redo the root canal to clear the infection, and repair an adjacent crown, follow up to make sure the root canal and previous infection is sorted, and a final visit to complete a crown. Roughly, a couple of hours treatment, overall, over a couple of weeks. The local dentist agreed with the plan.
Some 2 months later, he’s completely departed from the original plan, 5 visits so far, the root canal and infection has finally been done, he’s presented braces as a fix on the other jaw for a completely unclear reason, and has been generally unavailable to actually do the remaining work, let alone finish as planned. family holidays, sorry-very busy...etc

Sadly, there seems as much control and oversight of dentistry as there is about all these dubious ‘doctors’ with their own pharmacies and peddling saline drips as magical cure all ‘serum’.
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