Average salary for English teachers in Cambodia?

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Average salary for English teachers in Cambodia?

Post by bobbyblue »

I am trying to find out what the normal salaries for English teachers in Cambodia are. I found a full time teaching job in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) for $1,500, which sounds good compared to job opportunities in Thailand (I looked in Bangkok if that matters). The job is at a run of the mill TEFL institute and the cost of living in Cambodia compared to the salary seems like a great deal. I have been applying for jobs without a bachelor's degree and some schools have told me they are not hiring now but will consider me next time they need an expat teacher. One school in Siem Reap offered me a part time job but I don't think it would pay the bills, frankly.

Are there other high paying jobs in Cambodia for foreigners? I didn't come across much. I found some job announcement sites but they don't seem to be for English speaking foreigners. I've taught before in China but my salary was much higher, albeit I was in a very expensive city. Any tips for finding jobs in Phnom Penh would be great. Dave's ESL Cafe has a Cambodian section but not a lot of recent information.

I didn't come across any teaching jobs that included housing so that's something I need to consider too. A friend teaching in Thailand told me to just show up in Cambodia and hand out my CV to all the schools and that it's the best way to get a teaching job at any time of the year. Teaching without a degree is legal from what I understand, but am I receiving some of the worst job offers? And some jobs said TEFL and some were ESL positions but I don't know if there was a difference.

I'm not looking to start a career teaching English in Cambodia or elsewhere in Asia but just want enough to live on and save a bit each month so that I can travel while I'm out there. Schools list more holidays than I thought could fit into a calendar year and I assume those are paid. And do schools allow you to negotiate your salary? I don't want to take a teaching job there and then find out I could have talked to them about the salary before I landed. I would also consider talking a TEFL course like the Cambridge CELTA there if it will greatly improve my chances of finding an employer. If you help me find a job in Cambodia a drink is on me folks. Thanks.
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Re: Average salary for English teachers in Cambodia?

Post by Mishmash »

Thank you for posting.

I am going to be fairly frank with you, and apologize in advance if I appear blunt.

I read carefully and it appears you lack commitment and resolve and no relevant qualifications, so posters on here with children would be heartbroken to discover their kids attending your school.

The same would apply to my Khmer friends and their families.

Cambodia is severely lacking in good education and wants its problems lessening not worsening.

I have no doubt you are a good person, and want to travel and teach and could even be a good teacher.

With all due respect, the teachers I know - Khmer, Filipina, English etc, do not have an I,I,I outlook on life sir - they are team players, whose students come first.

As you are considering a TEFL/CELTA I honestly suggest you do just that for a good start.

I could quite easily find you a job if you had that. A couple of phone calls.

You say it would not be a career but I think you may actually enjoy teaching and could indeed fund your travels as many do.

In answer to some of your questions.

Salaries: They range from 400$ to 2500$ depending on qualifications, experience and previous references.
Accommodation: Enough in Cambodia to suit all budgets from $30 a month to $1000's
Other Work: Not normally given to unqualified people or people with no commitment - You would need to let us know your actual qualifications and experience.

You CAN chance it - bring around 5 to 6k to tide you over and a plan B, then do the legwork around the schools.

Jobs are face-to-face here - salaries are talked about at the interview

Don't expect too much cash at first, but some schools will accept you just for the white face.

Any job is better than no job

Good luck with your plan - Invest in the TEFL/CELTA!
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