Advice for a pump

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Sir Duncan
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Re: Advice for a pump

Post by Duncan »

taabarang wrote: Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:14 pm :plus1: of"You haven't said if 220 volt power is available for this pump."

Frankly I don't know. And I will not know until my wife talks to her uncle nextdoor.

You have got me confused now,,,,, Do you not have electricity to your house or is it too far away from where the well is ?
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Terry Fishsauce
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Re: Advice for a pump

Post by Terry Fishsauce »

This is the worst thread I've ever read
J. Visiting
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Re: Advice for a pump

Post by J. Visiting »

Yes, he is using electric. That is the only way you can melt a pump.

And the pump is pulling against something. Clogged intake filter, closed
intake valve. The pump is meant to "push" water. It is "pulling" against
something. That is how you melt a pump.
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Re: Advice for a pump

Post by taabarang »

Thanks for helping a non electrlcan help understand what is going on. I'm afraid the post will still be boring but I promise to provide more details as soon as possible.
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Ot Mean Loi
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Re: Advice for a pump

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Hello taabarang,

You know me from another forum and another time and as an inter-loquitur for you earlier this year.

What you do not know is that I once worked in a large international organization and in Water and Sanitation for a number of years including in Vietnam and Myanmar and originally water well rehabilitation in Cambodia in early 80's

If it is a manual pump you are after, then look no further than this particular type/type of pump. It's hydraulic column of water lift far exceeds your requirement but guarantees that your needs will always be met. The mechanical linkages are designed to make it easy for women and children of smaller stature and body weight to operate it and it has gained world wide acceptance both with aid agencies and commercially. Please see: ... ps/afridev

Quality is not cheap but it will long outlast you and your dependants. Sad to say.

Given your financial situation this pump which would be my first non-manual choice, is probably beyond your means. However, this pump, or a variation of it, the Mono Pumps (Australia) helical screw pump coupled to a PV panel and regulator etc will give a lifetime's pumping during daylight hours. Grundfos have a very similar item and there are cheaper knock-offs around.

Both pumps allow you to pump easily to a large capacity tank on a stand giving you gravity flow water supply over your property/habitation from the tank on a stand. A two metre head of water will suit you well. Even one metre works well but can be a tad slow for some applications but easily corrected with an inline on-demand electric pump with pressure dome from Thailand.

Just hang in there mate.

And I hope that this helps point you in the best direction.

Returned from Cambodia yesterday but once again was not out your way.

Back in January with a medical/surgical/dental etc team to west of Phnom Penh. Busy and can't promise to meet up.

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