Rap wars, keep it real ya feel me?

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Re: Rap wars, keep it real ya feel me?

Post by Rain Dog »

Satiated Parrot wrote:I know you was on Mormons, ...
lol I just found this thread today --- hilarious and creative. Well this country boy is about as OG as maybe Johnny Cash, and maybe I've got the rhythm of ... i don't know ... lets say Lawrence welk ... and God help you if you have ever seen me on a dance floor lol.

But the word smith in me can't resist. So here goes --- the original Rain Dog Rap:


Yo Yo This be the Rain Dog, talking God like in a Synagogue
But don’t worry I ain’t Mad, Sure as fuck ain’t on no Jihad
Chill MothaFucka!

Fuck all the Forum Wars, Everybody knows the score
K440 comin back in style, sorry that it took awhile
Chill MothaFuckas!

But had some help from CEO, starting like an Embryo
Pissed of people everywhere but now shit gettin fair and square
Chill Mothafuckas!

CEO be growin fast, but some still can't forget the past
Fuck Y'all, you need to be sedated, This ain't no BackStabbers Incorporated
Chill MothaFuckas!

Partly led by G-Machavelli, Famous for his Pizza Belly
Now off to desert land, chasing burqas in the sand
Chill Mothafucka!

Also led by the Orange Dragon, But now to LA he be braggin
Handles all the techy shit, But Dag’s posts give him fits
Chill MothaFucka!

And to our brutha Dagenham, Calling out religious scams
But some will want to save your soul, cuz too much time spent chasing Hos
Chill MothaFucka!

Shout out to Stroppy Chops, Postin like a bunny hops
Dag says he’s buying souls, RD called him an Islamophobe
Chill MuthaFucka!

Remember Brother Vladimir, Posting Puns Far and Near
Don’t worry, he can’t bust no rhyme, but makin puns ain’t no crime
Chill MothaFucka!

Then our lady Poster Joon, Got AliBaba in a swoon
Too logical for forums here, but everybody holds her dear
Chill MothaFucka!

And Giblet got some crazy Geese, Stop all that honkin please
Someone got a screw loose, might come lookin for a Christmas Goose
Chill MothaFucka!

And shout out to Soi Dog, but he ain’t no Rain Dog
Got a thing for K440, Want’s to play it like” Get Shorty”
Chill MothaFucka!

Cross the great forum divide, opinions vary far and wide
Old owner gone, now on twitter, hope he feelin not too bitter
Chill Mothafucka!

Now it’s run by Sociobenz, Thinkin he’s Mercedes Benz
He don’t like no bottom feeders, hope no one catches him in his wife beaters
Chill MothaFucka!

Helping out is GavinMac, likes to be on the attack
Not too good for cohesion, always postin 7 reasons
Chill MothaFucka!

Goodbye all its Rain dog Here, Tryin to keep it all sincere
I sure as hell ain’t OG, So don’t take this shit personally.

Chill MuthaFuckas!
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Re: Rap wars, keep it real ya feel me?

Post by StroppyChops »

Satiated Parrot wrote:then we have stroppy
he don't look hip-hoppy
he a cool Christian type, a brother with 'vibe'
but he looks like a meth cook, a Harley he ride
Word. (Although these days it's a Baja 650)
Bodge: This ain't Kansas, and the neighbours ate Toto!
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Re: Rap wars, keep it real ya feel me?

Post by Kampong Spooner »


So I’m bored and yeah I got back on board this board
To cut down your weak rhymes you speak with my lyrical sword,
All your flawed forum words have been held and ignored,
I fire 4 score of scorn down upon your forum wars,
If I believed in Stroppy’s hell, I’d send you there to dwell,
In eternal debate with Richard fucking Dawkins,
You rap like a chicken just a flappin’ an a squawkin’,
Man, your dance moves are worse than Stephen fucking Hawkin’s,

Yeah I’m the reason your little sister looks different to the rest of you all,
Yeah she’s still kinda ugly, but that’s just yo’ mommas gene pool,
We all know your whole family is infested with fleas,
You’re dying a virgin, born with venereal disease,
Don’t collect Pokemon, son, but you caught all the STDs,
And your shit’s more mushy than Edwin Wigan’s chippy peas

I shoot you down like a Russian, cos I’m husstlin’ Afghan Stingers,
Your rhymes are like an eggy fart that always fucking lingers,
And you take a trip down to KFC- to lick other people’s fingers,
Khmers that ain’t all there know that your style is pissing,
Motherfuckers be dissing you
From Kep right up to Battambang
All the way up Monivong,
Your face can scare off ghosts,
Like a motherfuckin’ ting mong

So stop! Ban hammer time,
Step back from your computer,
waxing shit and start flexing,
Like the phone cord of Hotrecruiter,
You solde, he solde, I solde more,
Yet he claims not to go to the four four,
Boiler room scam, bam, sales plan!
Bring bare Nigerians through that door,
What’s more,
2014 scene can’t be calling fags fags,
or be saying bitch to motherfucking bitches,
from rags to riches,
but you kept on wearing rags
Peace to my man Dags,
Getting his helmet polished by Wat Phnom slags,
While you wank your plank off to crumpled homo porno mags,
You ain't fit to wear his thrown out fucking britches

You got the energy of Tupac, 6 days after niggas shot him,
Time to go home G,
You’ve hit rock Wat Botom,
Your styles German,
wearing sandals and white socks
Your teeth all rotten,
and your breath smells like prahoc,
Go ahead and
Just watch this thread get locked,
Remember yeah
Like the one about the dude from Brooklyn Pizza,
Locking hookers in a box,
Like you ran Buffalo Sister,
I tell ya mister mister,
You’re about as credible as the Church of fucking Christ,
Your rhymes about as edible as a bowl of uncooked rice,
Yeah I’m naughty, and I never battle nice,
I saw your whole family snacking on your own pubic lice,
I turned away then back again, so I saw that shit twice

Last verse, never ending just like a Cham curse,
Your girlfriend’s a dude with a cock and not a lady purse,
You keep it about as real as a lady boys tits,
I know you like feel those other downstairs bits,
Now you’ve been toasted, spit roasted,
Like Scobi-en-zeds crumpet,
Wall panel, twatflannel, you just lost…. cocktrumpet.


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Good to get you!!

Post by Anthonyheva »

HI I Much good to Join this Sited
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Re: Good to get you!!

Post by StroppyChops »

Anthonyheva wrote:HI I Much good to Join this Sited
Hi Frances.
Bodge: This ain't Kansas, and the neighbours ate Toto!
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