Only In Japan

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Only In Japan

Post by wackyjacky » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:59 am

Japanese men for some reason truly have their perv on like no others. This guy crawls through a sewer to peek up girl's skirts near a woman's university. My favorite - "If I could be born again," Hirai is quoted as saying, "I'd like to be a street." .........."Sankei News reported earlier this month that Hirai entered a narrow drainage ditch at a nearby river and crawled dozens of meters through the ditch, which measured 35 centimeters across and 50 centimeters deep. He waited in the drainage ditch underneath the metal covering on a street nearby a woman's university, where female students, obviously, walked to and from class (Japanese TV news recreation above). One female reported seeing a pair of eyes peeking through two of the holes in the drain covering—which sounds nightmare inducing. Police rushed to the scene, but the suspect had already escaped." LINK: ... -528118154" onclick=";return false;
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